Sweet onion and lacinato kale soup with maitake mushrooms and chestnuts   9


Roasted carrots with foie gras and golden raisin puree, smoked Idiazabal cheese and duck fat powder   11


Black olive poached swordfish with elderberry "capers," potato and dill   10



Spanish octopus and lardo ravioli with Manila clams and lardo stuffed fried green olives   11


Scrambled brown eggs with pickled pig's feet, truffle butter and parmigiano-reggiano   9


Confit duck gizzards with white asparagus, brioche, dried crab apples and matsutake mushroom cream   11



Petrale sole with salsify, lobster, Belgian endive and truffles   14


Skate wing with brown butter, bonito, smoked yoghurt and nasturtium    15


Young chicken with prune, chicken liver, artichokes and red wine   15



Veal roast with calves feet, white anchovies, egg yolk and potato   14


Moulard duck breast with grapefruit, taleggio cheese, parsnip and burnt onion   16


Smoked lamb loin with fried dates, lentils, cured lamb belly and pickled cipollini onions   14



Dark chocolate buckwheat cake with stewed cranberries, olive oil gel and pumpkin ice cream   9


Spiced donut with sweet potato custard, apple and black walnut ice cream   8


Chestnut cake with poached quince, parsnip and candied pepitas   9



Cheese plate, chef's choice with accompaniments   14


5 course (one each from first 5 sections) dinner: $56 plus tax and gratuity


Please note that a tasting menu must be ordered by everyone at the table.

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