Chilled tomato soup with olive oil, tomato seeds, basil and saffron   9


Smoked beets with apples, Idiazabal sheep's milk cheese and horseradish   10


Cucumber terrine with monkfish liver mousse, chicharrones and puffed wild rice furikake   11



Rabbit tortellini with nasturtium butter, pistachios and roquefort cheese   11


Scrambled brown eggs with pickled pig's feet, truffle butter and parmigiano-reggiano   9


Grilled black mission figs with brioche, lardo, kale and condensed milk   11



Petrale sole with brioche, black mussel, sweet corn and tomato   14


Black cod with baby octopus, charred cucumbers, tomato and sorrel    15


Chicken crepinette with chicken liver and macaroni pie, artichokes, and garlic scapes   15



Hanger steak with black walnuts, lacinato kale, espoisses cheese and rye malt   14


Partridge with grapes, farro, shallot butter and caramelized mascarpone   16


Suckling pig with fresh figs, chanterelle mushrooms, white bean puree and honey   14



Milk chocolate cremeaux with roasted banana ice cream, yuzu curd and peanut brittle   9


Rum cake with braised pineapple, hibiscus and black pepper mascarpone ice cream   8


Rye and chevre tart with glazed figs, honey and pickled grapes   9



Cheese plate, chef's choice with accompaniments   14


5 course (one each from first 5 sections) dinner: $56 plus tax and gratuity

Please note that a tasting menu must be ordered by everyone at the table.