Onion soup with beef tartare, smoked bone marrow, brioche and caramelized gruyere   9


Parsnip burrata with fresh chickpeas, pea shoots and new harvest olive oil   10


Dungeness crab with hearts of palm, espelette mayonnaise, and a bell pepper vinaigrette   11



Fresh spaghetti with horseradish, house cured bottarga and potato   11


Scrambled brown eggs with pickled pig's feet, truffle butter and Parmigiano   9


Smoked pork jowl with watercress, onion jam and olive oil crackers   11



Alaskan halibut with poached oysters, cauliflower cream, crispy ham hock and nettles   14


Hamachi collar with sea urchin, Romanesco broccoli, dashi and puffed wild rice    14


Organic chicken with whey glazed carrots, buttermilk curd, velvet pioppini mushrooms and fennel pollen   14



Rabbit roulade with purple asparagus, rabbit liver, green apple and brioche   14


Lamb loin with fresh chickpeas, caramelized yogurt and artichoke   14


Duck with hoshigaki, hen of the woods mushrooms, dehydrated salsify and pine cone syrup   14



Peanut butter mousse with concord grape gel and pretzel ice cream   8


Coconut milk pudding with lime shortbread, compressed mango and crispy ginger   8


Dark chocolate cake with beet curd, lemon relish and goat cheese mousse   9



Cheese plate, chef's choice with accompaniments Market Price


5 course (one each from first 5 sections) dinner: $55 plus tax and gratuity

Please note that a tasting menu must be ordered by everyone at the table.