Austrian Wine Dinner #1

  • Piccolo (map)
  • 4300 Bryant Avenue South
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55409
  • United States

What makes Austrian wines so special? There are many reasons and the sum of these factors has paved the path for the sensational quality boom over the past couple of decades. One of the prime reasons is a tradition of winemaking, and grapevines that have been cultivated in the same viticultural regions of Austria for thousands of years. Here, vines are synonymous with the landscape, the culture and daily life. Coupled with ideal geological and climatic elements, the vines enjoy the best conditions essential for making authentic, distinctive wines with character and personality.

Austrian wines are a diverse group, from lively, light-bodied examples to monumental, opulent whites wines. Austria also produces charming and fruity red wines as well as full-bodied, reds with long cellaring potential. Lastly, but by no means least in importance, Austria produces a wide variety of enticing and elegant sweet wines that are amongst the best in the world.  What wine critics and fans alike appreciate the most, is that Austrian wines are exceptionally appetizing and pair wonderfully with food, making Austrian wine sheer drinking pleasure.

Please join us for our first Austrian Wine Dinner on August 11th at 7:00pm.  Cost is $100 per person.  Tickets can be purchased at  Hurry, space is limited!