More than any other restaurant in Minnesota, Piccolo's cuisine is focused on quality over quantity, putting what is seasonal and creative ahead of what is safe and familiar. We believe in changing our menu frequently, buying locally and seasonally whenever possible, and putting a significant amount of time and devotion into each beautifully presented plate. Call it small plates, "fractional dining", or simply a tasting menu à la carte. The menu is designed to allow guests a chance to create a different dining experience with each visit, pairing risk with reward. You could say that choice is the defining characteristic of Piccolo, allowing people to dine according to their desires and appetite.

Doug Flicker


Blessed with a natural talent and a passion for the craft, Doug possesses a humble assuredness that comes with years of hard work and dedication. Quietly praised for years in the Twin Cites culinary community, Doug and the restaurants in which he cooks have come to be recognized in the upper echelon of fine dining. Leading the Minnesota culinary community in forward thinking, cuisine-focused dining experiences, Chef Doug Flicker shines as a restaurateur and culinary artist-to-watch.


Beginning cooking at D'Amico Cucina after high school, Doug rose to head chef at the young age of 26. As Doug grew as an artist, he became close to other young chefs making their way in the industry. Seeing a niche for a restaurant owned and operated by chefs and being focused almost entirely on the cuisine itself, Doug, along with three other young colleagues, opened Auriga restaurant in 1997. At only 30 years old, Doug had become part owner and key chef of an establishment that would be a perennial favorite among critics and diners alike.


After a critically lauded tenure at Auriga that ended in 2007, Doug spent several years as head chef of Mission and Porter and Frye in the Hotel Ivy, both located in downtown Minneapolis. Several years later and once again partnered with Jim Andrus, Doug opened Piccolo in January 2010 to critical acclaim, receiving four out of four stars in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and "Best New Restaurant" in City Pages.


While work is a bit like play (at least to him), Doug spends his free time with his wife Amy, his dog Phoebe, and the two other loves in his life: his Italian Ducati motorcycles.

James Andrus


Jim brings a lifelong passion for food and wine that have enabled him to run a successful and notable wine program previously at Auriga and at his newest collaboration with Doug, Piccolo. Although he prefers to stay out of the limelight, Jim's influence on Piccolo is through its thoughtfully selected wine list and a philosophy of cuisine he shares with Doug in a partnership that has lasted almost a decade.

Adam Johnson


Adam grew up in south Minneapolis and started working in restaurants during college. After frequently and diligently skipping class, changing his major and being on academic probation, he strangely decided college wasn't for him and started giving his full attention to working in the industry. Gracing such stand out restaurants as Town Talk Diner and Heidi’s, Adam brings a high standard to the service of Piccolo that everyone else just makes fun of... behind his back.

Xan Holston


Xan began his descent into the restaurant underbelly of Minneapolis at the age of 16 in the dish pit of The Loring Café. From there he has occupied many stations in various restaurants through out Minneapolis where he formed a life-long bond with Doug Flicker. After a several year sabbatical they are reunited again.

Robb Sandberg


Chosen by Modern Server Monthly as Server of the Year 4 years running as well as "Tallest Server", we are proud have Robb with us on a part time basis.

Katie Amundson


Starting in the restaurant business as a wait assistant at Heidi's, Katie joined the Piccolo team in July of 2010. She is a proud mother to Stinson, a large tabby cat, (named after Bob and Tommy of The Replacements). Despite being a Minnesota native she has not snowboarded and will not attempt the activity even when asked politely.

Linh Ho


Is not to be confused with Katie Amundson.


Debra Bourne


Debra loves the community experience of food for all that it is and can be from farm to kitchen to table and back. An almost compulsive organizer, designer and fixer of things, she's happiest making life simpler, healthier and more enjoyable for those around her.

Karly Baertsch


Karly enjoys wiener dogs, singing while working, and the occasional barroom brawl.

Chris Roberts


Chris enjoys gardening, cats and coping without air conditioning (freezing work clothes the night before). After producing three pop-up restaurants, an edible opera that tours community gardens and collaborating on a mobile kitchen laboratory at the Walker Art Center, he got the itch for fine dining. Chris is co-owner of "BroJobs" with his brother Rhett (of Haute Dish). When not working, he is perpetually training for a marathon.

Patricio Carroll, Age: Unknown


Amateur luchador Patricio began working at Piccolo in September 2012. He is a line cook, and spiritual guide. While away from the stove, he practices short distance running, and is an at-home egyptologist.